Ludum Dare 40

SuperStar Knight

A game where you are the knight of a small city. The city never had a knight before, and soon or later, you will start to became famous. And with fame, come fans.

  • Can you, be the most well known Knight in the whole kingdom ?
  • Give a visit to the mayor, to ask him how to help the city.
  • Use you special powers:
    • Scream to the fans, so they go home for while, and let you do your job.
    • Shield, so you can give some protection to the fans, and protect them from the enemies.
    • Potion, well, this one is self explanatory. Use it, or you will die. grinning
  • Be careful to do not hit your fans.
  • Upgrade your gear, to be even stronger.


  • WASD – Movement
  • J/K/L – Actions
  • Space – Attack


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